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The National Assembly of Wales’ Sustainability Committee has been considering a petition calling for plastic bags to be banned.

The committee have been gathering evidence for six months and has now published it’s report. The report calls for the Welsh Assembly Government to impose a levy on the use of plastic carrier bags at check-outs.

They estimate that a levy of 10p per bag would raise almost £6.5 million per year, which they suggest could be used to fund environmental projects in Wales.

It sounds like a great idea to me.



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it’s easy to see why these wonderful birds are said to be Wales’ favourite. Big, colourful and majestic when they are in the air. The female is bigger than the male, with a wing span often over 5ft 6ins.


They are now a protected species, but were once a common site on the streets of London, scavenging in the streets. Then persecution drove them to extinction, only a few pairs remaining in Wales.










  Red Kites will swoop down on food, grip it     in it’s talons then fly up into clear sky and     eat on the wing.  









Red Kites soar in the air with an easy, bouyant flight, changing the angle of it’s tail to steer. 












They look so majestic when soaring on the thermals, the big forked tail used as a rudder, and the long, fingered wings.















Red Kites are often seen singly or in pairs, but larger gatherings often occur at food supplies and communal roosts outside the nesting season.






  If you’ve never seen these amazing birds it’s   well worth making a special trip to see them

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