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The mountain rescue teams serving Snowdonia have had a busy time since Christmas. Warnings have been issued urging people to stay away from the mountains in bad weather. Only experienced and well-equiped climbers should be climbing whilst the weather is so bad.

It was reported over the Christmas period that people had been going up the mountains wearing fleece jackets and trainers. What is wrong with these people? Don’t they realise that the mountain rescue teams risk their own lives every time the have to turn out for these stupid “climbers”?

On Sunday, yet again rescuers had to turn out. This time they had to abseil 500 feet in the dark to rescue an injured climber and his two companions. The climbers were on a mountain face 1000 feet high, with no helmets and just one head torch. 41 rescuers were involved.

People should stay away from the mountains unless they are experienced climbers and are well equiped. Lets hope the message gets through soon.






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