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Last year developers targeted fields around Top Llan Road to build a large number of houses on. Glan Conwy is a small community and the infrastructure is not suitable for this type of development. It is also green belt land. That development was fought and stopped.

Now the council have included the land in their Local Development Plan (LDP). 

The Glan Conwy Preservation Society are set to oppose the inclusion of the land in the LDP. A public meeting will be held at the Church House at 7pm on 28th April.

Lets hope that the council listen to the publics view.


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Penmorfa is (or was) the summer and Christmas holiday home of the Liddell family. Alice Liddell was the girl for whom Lewis Carrol wrote “Alice’s adventures in Wonderland” and “Alice through the looking-glass”.

The family first visited Llandudno in 1861 and Alice’s father then bought a plot of land at the bottom of the Great Orme, and built Penmorfa.

Much later the building was extended and used as a hotel, reverting to it’s original name again in 2002. Unfortunately the hotel closed down in 2006 

Penmorfa in all it's glory.


Conwy County Borough Council have Penmorfa as part of the Llandudno Town Trail…….but they have allowed developers to pull the building down!






Penmorfa, Llandudno


 The developers were supposed to keep the original  part of the building (seen here in July 2008), but then  said that it was unsafe and needed to be demolished.


 Protests were held, as this is an historic building and  important to the town.

 But the councillors, those representatives of the  people, allowed the demolition.



Penmorfa demolished



Today (21 November 2008) this is all that remains of an historic building and tourist attraction.


Shame on Conwy County Borough Council for allowing this to happen.


Llandudno is called “The Queen of resorts”, and relies heavily on tourism. Unfortunately the Council don’t seem to be very active in this area. 

The white rabbit monument



 About 100 metres from Penmorfa is the White  Rabbit monument, along with one of the council’s  information boards about Alice, Penmorfa and the  White Rabbit.





The damaged white rabbit



The monument was erected in 1933, but as can be seen in the photo taken today, the ear is missing and there is other damage.



When is Conwy Council going to pay attention to it’s tourist attractions?


The dilapidated shelter, West Shore



  Just a little further along the West shore is  this lovely shelter, but again, it is damaged.  Broken windows and tatty paint work spoil  what should be one of the centre-pieces of  the West Shore.


 What is the Council doing? Very little  it  seems.

The derelict site of the Pier Pavilion, Llandudno



And then into town, and the iconic Grand Hotel and the Victorian Pier.

This derelict site is what greets you as you walk to the Grand Hotel, the site of the old Pier Pavilion. The theatre was last used in 1990, and in 1994 was destroyed by fire.

The derelict site of the Pier Pavilion, Llandudno



 What a waste of a prime site in a tourist resort. 


 The current owner is apparently a Worcester business man,  but surely there must be some action the Council can take.

 Come on Conwy Count Borough Council, the town  needs  some action, from you.

The Pier Pavilion in it's heyday




The Pier Pavilion in it’s heyday. 

Stop the rot you councillors, there is much more I can write about if you don’t.

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