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Yesterday I decided to go up into the hills and walk around two of the lakes up there. The weather forecast was not bad, rain was forecast but not until late afternoon/evening.

Anyway, off I went, forgeting that it’s a Bank Holiday weekend. I think half of the population of the UK must have headed for North Wales! There wasn’t much peace and quiet, thats for sure, and so many ignorant people….they just walk past and don’t speak, I’ll never understand people like that.

The walk was very pleasant, I do love it up there, but the weather changed within half an hour, clouding over and with a cool breeze springing up. By about 2.30pm it was starting to rain a little, but thankfully I was almost back to the car at about 3.30 when the heavens finally opened. 

I decided not to go out today. The weather can’t seem to make it’s mind up, and I prefer it when there are not so many people about. So here i am, with not a lot to do so I decided I would post some photos that I haven’t used before. These are not the landscapes though, just birds and a few other miscellaneous ones.


Before I do that though, I read an interesting article the other day about Magpies being able to recognise themselves in a mirror. Well worth a read if you’re interested.  http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/7570291.stm


This Black Swan was on one of the lagoons at the RSPB reserve at Conwy in May. I haven’t seen it recently though.






On one of my visits to Anglesey I saw the Choughs’ which nest in the cliffs around South Stack. It’s the first time I’d seen these birds. South Stack is one of the few places in the UK that they breed.






Curlews were quite common when i was young, we often saw them and heard them when we were out. Now they are not so common at all, so it was good to see these two at Conwy in June.






This Grey Heron spends a lot of time around the Conwy estuary.






I managed to get a photo of this Reed Bunting in July. They don’t usually sit and pose for very long.





There seemed to be quite a few Wheatears around the Conwy estuary in May and June. I haven’t seen any recently.






I love the colourful Oystercatchers, and their calls. There were some breeding pairs on the estuary but the photos I managed to get of the chicks weren’t so good.





This Goldfinch and Blackbird seemed to be getting on very well as they fed in the garden during June.





This Blackbird sat sun bathing like this for about half an hour in the garden. It was in early June, maybe he knew we wouldn’t be getting much more sun!





This little Fieldmouse loves the peanuts in the bird feeders. It climbs up there most days to have a nibble.






I caught this busy Bee when we had summer…..in May!






This Gorse covered in a fine gosamer was high in the hills one day in July.

I’m not sure what it is but quite a few of the Gorse bushes were covered in it and it looked lovely.

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